CSGO Update For 07/10/2019

Introducing Healthshot To Deathmatch

If you play Danger Zone, then you already know Healthshot and how important it is to have one in the inventory. You also know when and how to use it. It’s engraved in Danger Zone player’s gamesense.

How about a Healthshot, but in Team Deathmatch game? It was introduced on 7th of October and seems like it is a welcomed change in the Counter Strike Global Offensive community. Brings a breeze of fresh air into this gameplay mode.

Use the new feature just the same as in Danger Zone – whenever your HP goes significantly down or when you are pinned down behind the box or in the corner by two enemies at once and you wish to use Healthshot to maximize your chances of surviving to continue the killstreak.

Healthshot Bonus After 3 Frags Without Dying

You earn the Healthshot after 3 consecutive kills and it repeats after each additional kills. The chances to win team deathmatch game without a single death are much higher now.

Healthshot Bonus After 6 Consecutive Kills And So On

Crosshair Will Stay On While Knife Equipped

This newest feature does what it says on the tin. Your crosshair, no matter the style, will display crosshair even if you change over to knife. Very, very useful, game is playable again.

The rest of the changes are listed below and are also available via CS:GO Official Blog:


– Players now get a Healthshot for every 3-kill streak, if they don’t already have one.

[ UI ]

– Added winners of all CS:GO Major Championships to the watch tab.
– Fixed a UI issue where non-Prime players appeared as Prime on ‘Looking to Play’ tab.
– Friendly fire warning on crosshair is no longer tied to default crosshair and is now a separate option.
– When holding a knife, the default crosshair will now behave like other crosshairs.
– Fixed the purchase button for coupons being invisible in some cases.

[ MISC ]

– Added logaddress_add_http_delayed command which allows tournament operators to delay http log data for subscribers.
– Added most recently completed match token to the help site match history authentication code page for convenience.

Friendly Fire Warning Console Command

If you want to switch on friendly fire warning when hovering over your teammate, use the following Developer Console command:

"cl_crosshair_friendly_warning" = "1" client archive                             - 0: always off, 1: only on default crosshair styles, 2: always on

It will work on any type of crosshair.

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