CSGO Update For 27/01/2021

Automatically Initiated Technical TIMEOUT

In Competitive and Wingman, each team has one 2 minute technical timeout that will be automatically initiated the first time a teammate disconnects. The timeout will end early if the teammate abandons or reconnects to the match.

Extra Money If Playing With Disadvantage

If you play a match with number disadvantage in Competitive or Wingman, your team will receive $1000 ‘Shorthanded Loser Income’ following a round loss. This does not apply in cases where a player was kicked.

Display Location When Pinging

With this patch, every time you ping a location or a gun, it will also highlight the name of the location, so your team mates can quicker understand, where a gun or enemy is.

2020 RMR Stickers

Team Stickers featuring the best-performing regional teams from the 2020 Regional Major Ranking events are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams who participated in the 2020 RMR.

Wingman Cvar For Auto Parachute

CS:GO developers added client convar to control automatic parachute behavior. Set

cl_parachute_autodeploy 0

to disable automatic parachute activation.

Rest Of Patch Notes

-Fixed a boost spot near the entrance to A site.
-Fixed a pixel walk on the door hinges (both doors).
-Improved the clipping of the roof.
-Grenades now bounce more predictably off the wall.

-A site
-Improved the clipping on the A sign.
-Fixed a pixel walk on top of the wall.
-Fixed a gap in the center wall on site.
-Grenades now bounce more predictably off the A sign, Elysion sign, art on the wall, wall in connector, the wall on site and the poles connecting to the roof.

-Main hall
-Grenades now bounce more predictably off the art work and painting.

-Fixed a boost spot where players were able to jump on top of the waterfalls.
-Fixed a pixel walk on the lower levels of middle.
-Fixed a pixel walk on the light fixtures (not sure how you would get up their but you cannot trust anyone).
-Grenades now bounce of more predictable of the grey poles inserted in the wall, the wall with the waterfalls and the wall near T spawn.

-CT spawn
-Fixed a pixel walk on the clock (clock has been made non solid).
-Fixed a pixel walk on the glass wall.

-T spawn
-Fixed a pixel walk on the clock (clock has been made non solid).
-It is no longer possible to jump on top of the light above the desk.

-Generally improved the clipping.


CSGO UPDATE FOR 28/01/2021

– Logo adjustments on several stickers

– Fixed bug on guardian mission.

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