csgo major stockholm 2021

CS:GO Major PGL Stockholm 2021

Next Counter Strike’s Major Championships will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Ericcson Globe Arena will be ready to welcome 16 thousands of fans.

de_cache rework 2019

CS:GO Cache Rework 2019

Brief History Of CS:GO Cache Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo is a retired Counter Strike player, the creator of famous de_cache map. He has created multiple maps, but Cache is a map that takes a special place

s1mple omen challenge

s1mple Wins OMEN Challenge

OMEN by HP and HLTV It’s a tournament organized by HP and hltv.org. The even has come to end yesterday on 20th of September 2019. s1mple placed first after exciting 1vs1 aim duel with NBK-.

Astralis Wins Berlin CS GO Major 2019

Astralis Victory At Mercedes Benz Arena In Berlin Congratulation to Astralis, professional Counter Strike team, for winning the CS GO Major Championships in Berlin. The show was hosted by Starladder and despite some observing issues,