Disappearing Loadout In CSGO

I Can’t See My Weapons

Have You ever created and autoexec configuration file with all the commands that you wish were executed every time You start Counter Strike Global Offensive? Because if cl_showloadout was one of them and you had them set to 1 (always show) then You might came back to play one day just to find out You can’t see your guns and equipment in-game anymore. For some strange reason it would revert itself to 0, not showing the loadout anymore. Some screenshots of the console command set to 0 and 1.

First, let’s have a look how does it look like in-game while set to 1. It will stay like that through whole match, which is very helpful as you can quickly remind yourself that you still have smoke or flash that you can use mid round:

cl_showloadout 1

On the photo below it is set to 0 – showing your equipment and guns for few seconds then fading away:

cl_showloadout 0

Mystery of cl_showloadout 1

The explanation to above issue is simple. Command:


is essentially binded to I key (capital i) at the game start and you probably accidentally keep pressing it while in-game and disabling your loadout overview. The solution is surprisingly super quick. Open developer console and type:

bind I

to find out what is bind to key I currently. You will most likely find that cl_showloadout will pop up in the console. Gotcha!

Always Show Me My Guns

Next, enter this command to unbind it forever and to be sure add it to your autoexec config:

unbind I
cl_showloadout 1

This will unbind anything that is currently bind to I key, which is most likely the mysterious disappearing guns command and tell Counter Strike to always keep your weapon and equipment overview on the screen. Enjoy!

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