CSGO Update for 25/09/2019

Overhead Equipment Display

Today we have received an update in which the command


has been switched on by default for all players. What does it mean is that you will be able to see gun and equipment icons overhead of your team mates while in-game. You don’t have to wonder anymore if team is eco, full buy or force as you can see it instantly on top of each of their heads. It will also come useful if one of your team mates doesn’t use the microphone to communicate, but you can quickly see, for example, if he picked up that AWP and you should change the angle you are watching. So very situational and useful and the start of rounds.

Here are two screenshots comparing this command with two possible values:

cl_teamid_overhead_mode 2

Overhead mode set to 2 in developer console will render full equipment of your team mates at all times (close – mid range).

cl_teamid_overhead_mode 1

Second possible option of cl_teamid_overhead_mode is 1 which will not show anything except team mate name (only close range).

We think that cl_teamid_overhead_mode 2 doesn’t have any negatives, except only if you don’t like your screen cluttered by information you don’t need, but remember that there are moments middle round, when it’s impossible to communicate instantly and this could come useful.

The rest of the patch notes are small bug fixes related to bot AI and also we can no longer buy Berlin 2019 Major items. You can find the rest of release notes for this patch below:

– Berlin 2019 tournament items are no longer available for purchase.
– Enabled display of overhead equipment for teammates by default.
– Fixed simulated grenade trajectory preview ending one tick too soon.
– Fixed water sounds to not play for simulated grenade trajectory previews.
– Fixed a bug in deathmatch AI where bots wouldn’t shoot breakable items in certain situations.


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