CSGO Update For 30/09/2019

France Gets X-ray Scanner For CS:GO Cases

Valve has introduced X-ray scanner for french Counter Strike Global Offensive players. It is the only way to open cases now! To enable the scanner, you have to buy a skin, namely a P250 | X-Ray, which is non trade-able and then you are able to x-ray your first case of choice to see what is inside. After clicking ‘Scan’ you can see what kind of drop you will be getting from this specific case. It will then be ‘locked’ in the scanner, until you claim it. You don’t have to claim it, but you should. You just basically paid for a ‘key’ by buying P250 | X-Ray in the first place.

P250 | X-Ray For French CS:GO Players

If you chose not to claim it from the scanner, it will be ‘stuck’ there forever making it impossible to scan next case. If You however claim the P250, you will get it in the inventory and then you will be able to scan another case! Upon ‘scanning’ the next CS:GO container, you will be shown what is inside it, but this time you will have to purchase a key for the specific case before you can claim it. If you decide not to, it will again be ‘stuck’ in the scanner forever.

This way you can’t create new Steam account just to scan first case, see what is inside and decide not to claim it, just to open another account to try again for something of more market value. It’s a clever way of using a loophole in french law, by actually showing you what is inside the box before you purchase anything. Unfortunately, you have to keep ‘claiming’ items to be able to continue with typical unboxing marathons. You can only claim once you purchase the keys of course.

To Enable X-Ray Scanner You Have To Purchase This Case

You can find an official statement from from Valve, quoted from Counter Strike Global Offensive official blog:

In France, every container must first be placed into the X-ray Scanner to reveal the item inside before purchasing a key. The X-ray Scanner will consume the container and reveal the item inside. To use the X-ray Scanner again, the revealed item must be claimed; it is not possible to scan another Container without claiming the revealed item.
In France containers can no longer be purchased from Steam Community Market, but can still be sold.


French X-Ray Update Release Notes

This time around we only have details about the whole X-Ray situation in patch notes.


– Introducing the X-ray Scanner for users in France:

— The X-ray Scanner allows users to reveal the item inside any container.
— Each user’s x-ray scanner comes preloaded with a one-time exclusive non-tradable item—the P250 | X-Ray.
— Users in France must first claim this item to use the x-ray scanner again.

Source: https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2019/09/25667/

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