CSGO Update For 23/10/2019

Over 7 Years Old Helmet Bug Fixed

Valve decided to release a patch for Counter Strike Global Offensive to fix over 7 years old bug. Helmet icon in the bottom left corner will now properly disappear when the armor points go down to 0. How come we have never realized it? Could be that we don’t live long enough to use all armor heath points, or we just rebuy armor when it drops below 50? Well, at least now we don’t have to worry about it.

Patch notes are as follow (via CS GO Blog):

[ MISC ]

– Helmet icon will now correctly disappear in HUD after armor points got reduced to zero. (thanks @jamesbardolph)

[ CS20 Sticker Capsule ]

– Updated material settings for the following stickers: Dragon Lore, CS20 Classic, Surf’s Up, Friend Code.
– Updated various sticker wear values and alpha masks.

Apparently the bug was reported by legendary James Bardolph himself, creative director of Faceit, commentator and Thug Priest of Counter Strike. Well done James!

Material Settings For Stickers

Some of the stickers available in CS:GO weren’t displayed properly due to skewed alpha channels and material settings. This patch fixes the display of these items, so they will look way better.

Here are some example, thanks to https://twitter.com/TheDanidem .


Rendering of various stickers has been improved by simply changing alpha channels and material settings. Thanks Valve!

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