CSGO Update for 16/09/2019

Picking Up Weapons Fixes

With the recent update for 16/09/2019, we have got some bug fixes and few interesting features. Let’s have a look at official release notes for the patch:

[ MISC ]
– Updated deathmatch bots with an experimental decision framework based on behavior trees.
– Fixed picking up weapons embedded in playerclip brushes.
– Allow fps_max setting as low as 49 for PAL 50 Hz production pipelines.
– Allow Overwatch-style GOTV demo files playback using anonsuspect parameter to playdemo command.
— Example command: playdemo myfile.dem 76540440404404 anonsuspect
– Several game stability fixes.

[ MAPS ]
– Updated radar for Vertigo.

Bots AI Upgraded

Bots’ decision making is based on behavior tree. Have a look at this screen, property of /u/FuneralChris.

This patch added two new commands available in console:

cv_bot_ai_bt_debug_target | -1 | "sv", "rep", "cheat"

With this one you can draw the behavior tree of spectated bot and see his decision making on screen.

 mp_bot_ai_bt | | "sv" | 

Above command allows for use of specified behavior tree file to drive the bot behavior. It will be useful for community servers owners or players that like to experiment with this kind of stuff.

To enable the experimental framework of bots AI, you need to use below command:

mp_bot_ai_bt "scripts/ai/deathmatch/bt_default.kv3"

If you enter this command while already being on the server, use:

mp_restartgame 1

to restart the game with the changes made.

Guns Stuck Under Car Is No More

We’re sure many of You has experienced a situation where the gun was stuck underneath some prop. This has been officially fixed with this patch. Also, the overall picking of guns of the ground with E has been massively improved and so far we can’t find any more bugs regarding that. You are able to pick up any gun from anywhere, as far as we have tested. Seems like jumping up and pressing E to pick up the weapon from elevated position (eg. roof) is super consistent now. @donhaci published short clip on Twitter explaining the above situations.

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