Astralis Wins Berlin CS GO Major 2019

Astralis Victory At Mercedes Benz Arena In Berlin

Congratulation to Astralis, professional Counter Strike team, for winning the CS GO Major Championships in Berlin. The show was hosted by Starladder and despite some observing issues, few delays, it was a surprisingly good show.

Astralis is Danish organization. The team consists of:

  • dev1ce
  • dupreeh
  • Xyp9x
  • gla1ve
  • Magisk
  • zonic (team coach)

Pick’ems Ruined, No Diamond For You

Yes, we know that 99% of players had Astralis to drop out at some point of the Champions stage, so it came as a big suprise that they have managed to pull it off and reach for the first place once again.

Berlin 2019 Coin came with challenges that needed to be completed to get Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze coin. Watching matches, playing the Pick’em game and completing missions like playing competitive games on selected maps, all of the 16 challenges were needed to upgrade Berlin 2019 Coin to Diamond. For the Gold Coin it was 12 challenges and only 8 for Silver one.

It seems like majority of players were choosing their Pick’ems for Team Liquid and Vitality to advance to finals. Both games were entertaining to watch, unfortunately Team Liquid was eliminated by Astralis and Vitality was beaten by AVANGAR.

Berlin 2019 Final Team Placements

Here is a summary of final placements at Berlin CSGO Major 2019

1 Astralis
3-4 Renegades
3-4 NRG Esport
5-8 ENCE
5-8 Team Vitality
5-8 Natus Vincere
5-8 Team Liquid
9-11 mousesports
9-11 G2 Esports
9-11 CR4ZY
12-14 MIBR
12-14Faze Clan
15-16Ninjas In Pyjamas
15-16 DreamEaters
17-19 Grayhound Gaming
17-19 Syman Gaming
20-22 FURIA Esports
20-22 HellRaisers
20-22 Complexity Gaming
23-24 TYLOO
23-24 INTZ eSports

Once again, big congratulations to Astralis for securing 3rd major in a row and we hope to play Pick’em again.

New Counter Strike Global Offensive Majors will be held on:

May 11-24, 2020
November 2-15, 2020

May 10-23, 2021
November 1-14, 2021

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