CSGO Update for 29/08/2019

Fix For Community Servers

Counter Strike developers has fixed the dangerous html option, which could possibly lead to community servers’ owners using unsafe html to be displayed on players’ end. It is quite important patch as we all have to take our security very serious. We never know what scale of damage we can expect by letting one potential exploit to slip through.

We also got some minor bug fixes as usual. Thanks to the developers for keeping our beloved CSGO patched and safe.

Here is a short list of release notes (source):

– Fixed a bug which allowed changing certain development-only material settings at game launch.
– Fixed context menu of match streams being too large and sometimes not fitting on screen.
– Main menu news images should now load more reliably when running under Perfect World launcher.
– Community game servers can no longer display unsafe html in disconnection messages.

On a side note, it’s been 846 days since last operation since we wrote this post. Operation Hydra was released 23rd of May 2017. Hope we will see one soon.

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